About me

I am Cecilia, a certified and fully insured Mat Pilates teacher based in London. Originally from Argentina, I have been living in the UK for more than 8 years now.

I also have qualifications in pre and postnatal Pilates with advise in nutrition, and Pilates for orthoapedic conditions (such as osteoporosis, arthritis and other common conditions)

I am passionate about Pilates and about helping people. Pilates can really help people to reduce their physical pain, get stronger and fitter, but it also helps to your spirit and mind to concentrate, focus and relax. Believe it or not, those as only a few benefits of Pilates.

As many of you probably, a few years ago I did not know what Pilates was. I had always preferred cardio sports rather than weights or more static techniques. I thought Pilates could be boring, and I have to be honest, I would not believe all the promises Pilates lovers would make about the results of practising it.

But when I found out that I had triple disc degeneration and my physio told me I had to do Pilates ‘ forever’ I started to wonder whether all that I had heard about Pilates was true. I started to practice it, and after a few classes, I was feeling better. I am not going to lie, I put the effort in understanding the principles and in doing the exercises correctly – as it is really important you have a good teacher that guides you on the technique to avoid further pain-.

Pilates helped me to reduce my pain, to get stronger and fitter.

I decided I wanted Pilates to be part of my life, not only as a student but also as a teacher, to spread the word and help people to live better day by day.

The best part is that Pilates is for EVERYONE. Teens, old population, pregnant women, men (yes, Pilates is not only for women and men can incredibly benefit from the practice!), people with injuries or without but that only want to improve posture and get fitter and stronger (and feel better with a more toned body!). For any person there is a tailored Pilates program, or variations and modifications to help you grow at your own pace.

I hope you find this website helpful and that you can start practising and learning Pilates. I will provide you with many tools as to know why and how you can start the practice, keep it and improve it day by day. Pilates is not just a class per week, it is a practice that you will do in the classroom but then will take the principles and learnings with you in your daily activities, and that is why it is so awesome because it can improve your general wellbeing.