Quick and effective workouts


  • Short-effective videos to work different parts of our body. Great for busy people that are not able to do a long session, you can still do many exercises in bouts of 10 minutes during your breaks in a day and keep fit and healthy as if you would go for a long session!
  • These are homemade videos made by a Pilates qualified professional, I trust in your fitness levels before performing the sequences. I will be posting the level in each video title.
  • If you have ANY questions of modifications/adaptations or exercise postures please reach out to me and will be happy to help. Do not overload yourself.

15-minute intense abs blast

10- minute Super Pilates Plan Series

10- minute Abs/Obliques/Core blast workout: Int/Advanced level

5- minute Abs blast workout: Int/Advanced level
15 minutes Flow core workout: Int/Advanced level
9-minute core/arm workout: Intermediate level

10 minute core/arm workout: Intermediate level