Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

  • Beginners: do not be afraid of trying something new. The first Pilates lessons I did.. I have to be honest, I did not like them. I was feeling unfit, weak, I was not convinced about the teacher.. I just could not find a passion on it. And then, I started to learn about the foundations, found the right teacher, and most importantly, I started to feel the changes in my body and my spirit. Pilates will make you stronger physically and mentally, will improve your balance, focus, propioception, breath, fitness. And I am here to teach you from the very beginning, from the real foundations to develop the path together. Regardless your fitness level, there are many variations and modifications to start with so everyone can do Pilates ! – Please note thar for some specific conditions a GP should always approve and recommend Pilates
  • Intermediate/Improvers: you started, you like it. You already notice you are stronger, more focus, a better posture, and you can contract the correct muscles require much easier. You want to continue improving your technique, and although you know how to do the diaphragmatic breathing already and contract your core and pelvic floor muscles, it is still hard to bring all that together for a better practise. Continue the pathway and move from intermediate to advanced with my online/in person classes!
  • Advanced: you reached that point where you feel strong, you mastered the lateral breathing, and you want now to master most of the Pilates poses, to maintain your physical health. You already know all the benefits Pilates brought to your body and mind and you want to practise every week to maintain that fitness and focus needed. It is great to know you are one of those that can’t live without Pilates now!

Private classes available, in person and online. For some tester quick and short classes, you can watch my QUICK WORKOUT VIDEOS and FREE CLASSES and my YOU TUBE CHANNEL!