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New Quick Flow Core video

Hi everyone, happy sunny Tuesday!  

Hope you have some balcony/terrace to enjoy the sun, if not, already watching through the window the sun makes me happy.

Of course, it would be better to be outdoors in the park, but as we are not able to do it, because by staying we are saving lives, then let’s get that body stronger for the summer outdoor days.

Today, a Core Flow workout (there is a bit of noise of wind but hope you can all hear well). Working through planks, side plants, core workout with both spine flexion and leg raises.

It is approx 14,15-minutes long, intermediate/advanced level (only because it is a bit fast paced and you should be familiar with these poses already)

Ideally for a pre work / lunch / or work break!

I am adding all my videos here if you want more workouts!

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